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Roland Cube 30watt

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By mdonaghey075 on
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I bought this amplifier as an upgrade from a previous beginners 15 watt amp, i was very happy with this purchase andn ever regretted it as this most certainly is a great amp for the money.

Its got a 3 band equaliser a clean channel and then a lead channel with various amp modes. The clean channel produces a very nice tone. THe lead channel lets you choose from 8 different options.

an acoustic simulator

black panel

brit combo


stack classic



and dyna amp.

Each with there own volume and gain controls. Everyone sounds very good. The most interesting one is the dyan amp..

The dyna amp allows the gain to change depending on how hard you play on the strings, if you play lightly it will sound clean and if you play very heavilly it will sound rather distorted.

There is a power squeexzer on the amp which is basically a compressor allowing you to get the high volume tone whilst having it turned down low.

The amp came with several effects built in to the amp and a place for a foot switch to be connected to control them the effects are : chorus, flanger, phase, tremlo delay and reverb there is also a space for recording out andan auxiliary input for you to plug in yourmp3 player etc to enable you to "play along" so to speak.