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Rollerblade Activa 8.0 Skates

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I've skated my whole life, for both recreation and competitively. Last year for my birthday, my parents bought me the Women's Activa 8.0 Rollerblades from Dick's Sporting Goods, but they can also be found on the Activa website and various other websites.

First, I wanted a skate that was made only for women. Since the weight disbursement in women is a lot different than in men, I wanted something that targeted my exact body weight. With the 8.0 version of this skate, Activa designed these specifically for a woman and a woman's toecap. Since men don't need as much ankle support, these skates also have a much higher boot, which provide a lot more ankle support for a woman.

I also wanted a skate that would not only make me the fastest out there, but also be comfortable and stylish. I love the Women's Activa 8.0 rollerblades because they give me control, speed, and comfort. The Activa 8.0 rollerblades have 90mm/84a wheels and SG9 bearings. The new, first of their kind, SG9 bearings, are made from a mixture of silicone and grease lubricants. The mixture of silicone and lubricants do two things: result in less resistance inside the bearings and the silicone repels water and dirt. Ultimately, the mixture gives you a lot more durability than normal rollerblade bearings do.

The Activa 8.0 skates come in a variety of colors, and in a variety of widths and foot arch degrees. These skates also have both laces and straps, which I really like because you can get them tighter to your foot, which provides a lot more control.

My favorite part about these skates is that the outside of them is hard and durable, but the inside of the skates are made with memory foam with a breathable liner so they are extremely comfortable and your feet won't sweat- even after skating for hours.

Replacement wheels aren't very expensive, but I would recommend having a professional actually replace them for you to insure that they won't fall off while skating and that they are aligned correctly.

I know that not many people skate competitively, but even if you're a woman looking for an attractive, comfortable, leisure skate that you won't have to replace anytime soon, then the Women's Activa 8.0 rollerblades are a perfect choice.