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Roller Coaster Tycoon For Pc

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Jenn Huffer By Jenn Huffer on
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I love playing Roller Coaster Tycoon on my PC. It's one of my favorite PC games. I was able to get it at Walmart for $9.99 so that made me even more happy. This is a typical Tycoon style game where you create your own theme park and hope it does great.

When you first upload the game to your PC you are given a few parks that are unlocked. You are able to unlock more of the parks as you play and beat the required elements on the first games.

Basically you start with a them park. There may be one or two rides or attractions on the first few (some of the harder games start out with more attractions) but basically it's an empty plot of land with an entrance. You have to build rides (either ones provided or create your own), attractions, food shops, bathrooms, gifts shops and walkways. You can also add trash cans, flower beds, bushes, trees, topiaries, fountains, statues, park signs, bridges, ect... Also don't forget to hire some crew. You can hire mechanics (to fix your rides when they break down), Gardeners (to mow the lawn, water flower beds, sweep up trash and empty trash cans), security guards (to cut down on vadalisum), and Characters to entertain your guests.

The rides you can choose from range from Rollercoasters (create your own or build one of the pre created ones), slower rides such as merry go rounds and slides, water slides and log rides, boat rides, a train or a monorail, you ca eve put your reasearchers to work and have them create new and exciting rides and attractions that you can build in your park.

Don't forget to charge as well. You want to make a profit from you park. Set your entrance fee and you can charge for rides and attractions as well. Don't forget to set a price on merchandise and food and drinks.

You are also able to see how you guests are doing, if they are tired (build more benches), hungry (put in a few more food stands), thirsty (add a few more drink stands), they don't like rollercoasters (add more slower rides and attractions.

This is the most fun game to play. I love going back and rearranging attractions and fully rebuilding your park. It's also kinda fun to build a rollercoaster and watch the cars go flying off the track OPPS!