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Rolling 30 Q Storage Bin Protects Dog Food

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Joan Young By Joan Young on
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We’ve always had a problem with mice stealing dog food and hiding it all over. This bin has stopped that completely!

It is hard to find a container with a good lid in which to store a large bag of pet food (or bird seed, or potting soil, or any other loosely packed “stuff”). This product has met this need.

The unit is 10.5 x 18 inches, and sits 24" tall (including wheel height). It holds a 22 pound bag of dog food. It says it has a 45 pound capacity. I’m sure that if it were filled with bird seed that would weigh more than the dog food, and approach that capacity.

The bin claims to be airtight. While I’m not sure it is really that good, it has kept the dog food nicely contained. It is convenient, it will just fit to roll under my microwave table for storage. I like the rollers. They keep the floor from getting scratched from dragging some other kind of bin around every day.

The lid is hinged on a short side and closes with a simple plastic lift handle which snaps in place when you push it down. There is indeed a gasket around the recessed lip of the lid, which is why they can call it airtight. It’s certainly better than a garbage can that doesn’t seal at all and barely stays closed.

Although I’ve used the bin for several years now with no trouble at all, I’m not certain how much rough treatment it could take. The materials seem to be just average storage bin plastic, maybe not even that heavy. I don’t think it would last long with a family of children feeding the pets or playing with the catch, or even sitting on it.

Also, we keep it in the kitchen, so it has not been tested against raccoons or other outdoor animals that get into interesting containers. I can say that the mice have not even tried to chew through it, and they have tried, and sometimes succeeded at this with other containers. So maybe the seal does keep the smell inside.

It is certainly a reasonably priced product, keeps pet foods safe and fresh, and is convenient to access.