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Roman Fury With Shadow Of Rome!

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By pato on
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Well where to start? Shadow of Rome is a game for the Playstation 2 in which you play as either a hulking Roman gladiator (Agrippa) or his diminutive, sneaky friend (Octavianus). The game takes place in ancient Rome shortly after the assassination of Julius Caesar in 44 B.C.

Roman soldier Agrippa is a loyal member of the armed forces, when suddenly his father is accused of Caesar's assassination. With his father imprisoned and his mother killed by a Roman general, Agrippa goes on a quest for vengeance and honor. Along with his close friend Octavianus, Agrippa attempts to find out who killed Caesar and bring them to justice.

The game is split into two segments. Agrippa has been thrust into the violent world of Roman gladiators; and as such, his story is a non-stop blend of action, tactics, and warfare. As Agrippa, the player will fight countless battles. If you like blood, then this is your game. The enemies nearly explode with buckets of blood spraying out in a mesmerizing fashion. Limbs will be severed, bones will be shattered and weapons will be destroyed in a violent, bloody affair. If you're good enough you'll even slice a few torsos in half too.

Unfortunately, you have to play as Agrippa's scaredy-cat friend Octavianus. Octavianus looks out of place in Shadow of Rome's hulking, steroid freak environment (Seriously, every other guy looks like a bodybuilder). He has to sneak around Rome tracking down information to find out who was behind the plot to kill Caesar. This portion of the game plays out like a boring Metal Gear lite. You have to sneak, hide, hit people with pots and evade armed sentries. It sounds boring and it is for the most part. It's also somewhat frustating due to the tedious trial and error gameplay.

Fortunately, the Octavianus portions do not make up the bulk of the gameplay and one is soon thrown headfirst into the horrifically violent world of gladiator combat. If the sneaking portions of the game had been omitted, I would have easily scored this game a solid 5. But they bring it down a notch. Nevertheless, the action has never been done as splendidly and if you like mature R rated content then this is the game you're looking for.

P.S. Unfortunately, you might have difficulty tracking this game down. I found it used at Gamestop for 25.00 dollars so good luck!