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Ronco Six Star Knives: A Major Scam

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Candida Eittreim By Candida Eittreim on
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The devil made me do it! In a sheer moment of shopping insanity, Froggy purchased the two for one deal on the Ronco Six Star Knife sets. With 25 pieces each and a lifetime warranty, how could a sane Froggy resist??? After all, this includes all those glorious knives, a wooden block and...... a meat injector! Oh happy day. Aided and abetted by her trusty boys who were howling encouragement from the sidelines, Froggy pressed the BUY button and... got into immediate difficulties.

How? Well... see they offer you different ways to pay and I selected the 3 payments of $13.33 each. The trouble is that magic button slides you like greased lightning over to the pay the whole amount option and takes on $40.00 shipping! Despite numerous calls to Ronco's toll free number, I couldn't get anyone to change this to my desired option, nor to cancel the order. And since I'd ordered through PayPal, it went through but not correctly, so I was charged for each time Ronco tried to collect. Yucch.

The knives came, and since this proved to be such a costly mess, I decided to give them a try. The knife block is huge and ugly as mud. It looks like a cheap pine put together, but it weighs a ton! The knives themselves are not bad looking, with black handles and stainless rivets. But many of them are very awkward to use.

The butcher knife has an oddly placed blade, making it very difficult for small hands like mine to weild it as advised. The titanium blade is sharp, but is held on an awkward slant. Many of the other knives have uber long blades which again make it very hard to use correctly. Many of the knives are similarly awkward and difficult to use. The worst though is that they just are not sharp enough to effectively do the simplest chores.

And.. I discovered that way too many other consumers have suffered the same financial losses when ordering from Ronco. Check out these complaints: www.infomercialscams.com/scams/showtime_six_star_knife