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Room Organizer For Webkinz

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By withalittleluck on
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I had seen a backpack Webkinz carrier made by the same company and was attracted to the very pretty material with which it was made. Since it was a little pricey in my opinion, I did not purchase it at the time. I happened across this room organizer on www.Amazon.com one day, and I immediately wanted to purchase it, but again, I felt that this product was pricey as well. I ultimately did purchase this as an "extravagant" gift with money sent by grandparents for my 13 year old and 6 year old daughters who share a room. We live in very small quarters in overseas military housing, so we are always looking for ways to organize our toys.

I thought that it was such a cute idea to have all the little Webkinz heads poking out of each side of the hamper. There are 9 holes on each side, so it fits 36 animals with their heads poking out, with space to spare for more Webkinz just thrown into the middle. The organizer can be purchased in solid turquoise or lime green as well (both of which match my daughters' room), but I particularly like the "Oh My Starz!" fabric, which adds a bit of whimsy. We received the product reasonably quickly through our FPO address (not all items can be shipped to FPO addresses)...even though we were told it would take a few weeks to ship when we ordered it. It came in a nice quality square box, folded flat, and was very easily assembled (my thirteen year old daughter did it).

The Webkinz can be retrieved through the inside of the organizer or through the outside (they can squish through the hole without ripping the organizer...I would advise that some care be taken, however). It does take a bit of manipulation to put one back in a bottom hole with its head sticking out if the organizer is full of Webkinz...but it's not really a big deal. If you are in a hurry, you can just throw the Webkinz onto the top of the pile, and when you have a chance, you can take the time to put it in correctly. The material and structure are relatively sturdy...probably a little better for children who aren't too rough and won't sit in/on it, or squish down the sides by leaning into it. The construction consists of sturdy quilted cotton with wire framework inside. Very nicely made. the website says that it will hold 75 animals altogether (with 36 "peekaboo" holes). That number may be a bit high (only reasonable if you used every bit of space between the Webkinz legs), but it is still a good amount of storage.

Overall, the product is very cute, stores lots of Webkinz (or other small stuffed animals), and not too bad a price for such a lot of storage.