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Round The Clock Coughing Without Relief

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sparkle333 By sparkle333 on
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For the past week, I have been incredibly sick. It started strangely, with swollen glands in my upper legs, and an upset stomach. Then Monday I developed cold symptoms, and a cough that nothing could lessen. Tons of congestion, fever, and choking spells followed.

Then came a visit to the ER, (as everything always gets worse after normal doctor's hours, right?) I was put on an antibiotic, Mucinex (which I had already been taking), an antihistamine, and Tessalon Perles. I was wheezing, and already had bronchitis.

Because Codeine always gives me axe murder dreams, I usually stay away from it. I was literally coughing every minute. It never stopped. As you can imagine, I got absolutely no sleep. It seems that whenever I get a cold, it's never a routine cold. That is why I am so fearful when I get one.

I have had Tessalon Perles before, and doctors always look at me like I'm crazy, when I say that the capsules don't really help my cough. But they don't. This ER doctor said that they had been prescribing them at 100 mg doses, and that people weren't really seeing any results, but then they started to prescribe 200 mg doses, and patients got some coughing relief. (I was so hopeful that this was true.)

Sadly, it didn't help at 200 mg. for me. I think I coughed almost non-stop (lying down or sitting up) for at least five or six days. I'm still coughing seven days later.

In my case, though the pain of coughing has nearly killed me, I think that all the coughing has kept me from developing pneumonia. Perhaps Tessalon Perles works for some people, but it didn't for me (and hasn't in the past.)