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Roundtree Yorke Knit Shirts

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traceyb22 By traceyb22 on
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It seems like every year my husband ends up with a handful of shirts that he either donates to Goodwill or just throws out. That's probably not all that unusual except that the shirts are usually less than 6 months old. He usually just gets rid of them and I don't pay much attention, but this year I did. I went through them all and found that 5 of the 6 he was getting rid of were the Roundtree & Yorke brand from Dillard's. I couldn't believe it. We've bought quite a few of these over years. My mom often gives Dillard's gift cards and they have great clearance sales, if you hit the right time of the year. I never realized they were the ones we kept having to replace.

One of the main problems he has with them is that they shrink. After several washes they get too short and can't be tucked in easily. My huband does his own laundry and reads every tag every time. I know he washes them the right way. If I was in charge of washing them, I'd think it was my fault (I tend to just throw things in and hope for the best), but my husband is very careful. The other problem he has is that the color fades around the collar. After awhile it's really noticeable.

These look really nice when they are new, but unfortunately they don't stay that way. Also, when I was looking up the price on the Dillard's website, I noticed that Roundtree & Yorke makes a brand called Carribean. My husband had 3 of those shirts a few years ago and they all shrunk too. I didn't realize they were Roundtree & Yorke until today. This is a brand we will avoid in the future.