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Royal E X3 Scale Perfect For Weights To 3 Pounds

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Joan Young By Joan Young on
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I have used this scale constantly in my kitchen for the past five years. It weighs in pounds and tenths of ounces (example– 1 lb 3.2 oz), or tenths of kilograms (example– 16.7 kg); you change the setting with the push of a button. The scale has a footprint of about 6 x 8 inches and is 1.5 inches thick. It comes in an off-white color.

There is a tare button. You can turn on the scale and then place a container on it and then push tare. Or you can place the container on the scale and then turn it on. It will zero itself with the container on the scale. Then put your item in the container. Of course with a 3 pound limit you need to use a lightweight container- a plastic tub or coffee can lid works well.

There is a hold button so that if you are weighing something that hangs over the edge of the balance plate the display will still show the weight for 120 seconds after you remove the item. You can cancel this at any time with the tare button.

The clear plastic flap can be flipped up to lean items to be weighed against it. Floppy frozen food bags need this, as do large envelopes if you are using it for postage determination. The scale comes with a current postal chart which can be inserted in slots under the flap for easy reference. I’ve never installed this since I use it almost exclusively for food. The rates have changed since I bought the scale too!

I have read reviews other places from people who said this scale never worked right for them. I have not had any trouble with mine at all, and am very happy with it. I did learn that the microwave makes the display jump all over, so I no longer use it or store it near the microwave oven. That can’t be good for the electronics!


The fact that the scale is small, which is exactly what I wanted, is also one of its limitations since it is sometimes difficult to weigh lightweight items with a large footprint.

It turns itself off after only 30 seconds of inactivity. This is too short and is very annoying. You can circumvent this by pushing the hold button and then tare to release the hold, but this is still a bother. It would be better if it stayed on for about a minute.