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Royal Prestige

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cukal6 By cukal6 on
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I thought my husband was crazy when he bought this set of cookware right before we got married. Who spends $1500 for a 7 piece set? Well, he was right as usual. This cookware is amazing. The bottom of each pan is made of of silver alloy, copper, and stainless steel. This allows heat to distribute evenly throughout the pan. The lid has a whistle. The way it works...

First, you don't have to use any oil or butter. You heat the pan to medium, throw in a chicken breast, and put the lid on. When the whistle blows you close the whistle and turn the heat down to low. That's it. When the chicken is done you take it out. It cooks in it's own juices. That's how you cook all meat.

For vegetables, frozen or fresh, you put the veggies in add a teaspoon of water and turn the burner up to medium. Then when it whistles you close the whistle and turn the burner off. Because you never turn the burner up past medium, you don't lose as many nutrients. It also retains the heat so if you take the pan off the burner, it will be hours before it gets cold.

There are also pieces you can buy so you can stack cook. You can cook an entire meal on one burner because the heat is evenly distributed through the pans that are stacked on top of each other.

The best part of this cookware...lifetime warranty. We just called a couple of days ago because one of our pots developed a bubble on the bottom and wouldn't sit correctly. We had a new one within a couple of days

Definitely a great investment! www.royalprestige.com