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Rp150 Guitar Pedal: Pure Awesome!

Reviewing: Digitech Rp150 Modeling Guitar Processor  |  Rating:
Simon Rupp By Simon Rupp on
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The RP150 Processor has to be THE best procesor I have ever laid my eyes on. For one, the sound quality is great. Secondly, There are 100 pre-programmed settings! Yeah, that means you get 100 things to mess around with and get bored with, which will undoubtedly take a long while (I've had mine for 3-5 months and I am still not bored with any of the settings at all), and when you DO get bored, you can program your OWN settings! There are about, lets see, ten settings. Furthermore, you can custom tune every setting, so if you didn't tamper with any of the settings when you make your own sound configurations, theres another 100 sound settings to play with. Also, you can control 4 aspects of the effect, giving you another 400 options, so you end up with an incredible amount of things to supplement the guitar player within you! But wait, theres more. You can hook it up to your computer VIA usb cable that comes with it so guess what, theres even MORE SETTINGS for you to play with in the settings on the computer. This thing is crazy. It has got to be the best accessory for electric guitar players everywhere without breaking the bank. I don't remember how much it was for, but it was around $100 if I recall correctly. Points being, this is an INCREDIBLE value for what you get. I love this thing! If you buy one, I hope you love yours too!