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Reviewing: Agetec Forever Kingdom  |  Rating:
Kevin Roman By Kevin Roman on
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I really liked this game, it was one of the 1st games I bought for PS2. It has barely any flaws, and even those are very forgivable. I am glad they made an original story. Ruyan, Darius, and Faeana are cursed by this wizard, Darsul, and have to break the curse. The curse revolves around the gameplay in which they literally feel each other's pain. I had no complaints here.

The music is great although it may sound weird: hearing themes like "Yes, Yes" being sung. For an old PS2 game, the graphics are not bad but the clothing designs look great.

This is a lot better than Evergrace which I played after this game. Evergrace is Forever Kingdom's prequel, and it is sluggish how you charge your moves for attacks and running takes off energy (kind of like Secret of Mana), and you don't even have a combo attack.

Forever Kingdom has some nice features. I like how you can decorate your characters and the clothing shows; it's like a fashion rpg. The characters change their appearance every time you change their clothes and their parameters change and you can even get discounts if you wear an outfit the merchant deems as stylish. The soul gauge is interesting too, and the AI for it is great. When I die, it is almost always my fault; the computer AI for the other 2 characters almost always block attacks directed at them; this is great because in this game everyone shares the same life bar.

Palmira actions are very interesting too. These are accessories you equip that do various special attacks that can level up in terms of times used. There are a wide array of useful palmira actions so the game doesn't get boring. Then of course the weaponry can be interesting too with how different the attacks are; some take a while to get an attack off, others are immediate attacks.

Some weapons will drain life or let you heal gradually over time, so it can get useful although there is a delay in attacks. Unlike Evergrace, the characters have 2 hit combos except for Darius who can hit 3 times in a row. There is also a critical attack as well that was added to this game (Darius critical combos twice). My favorite part is the overkills which really stack well, link a combo or critical combo with palmira actions and watch the damage devastate the enemies. It is perfect in this sense because you can quickly swap between characters or use palmira actions of the other characters without controlling them. It is very nice and responsive.

One flaw in this game is that you can die quickly if equipped improperly, but fortunately there aren't many enemies on the screen unlike Shining Force Neo, so you'll know when you get hit. You have to put everyone's parameters up at the right time (like no fire armor in an ice area or else you will die in no time). Another flaw is that the riddles can get quite impossible for some items because you don't have them. I suppose that's for new game+. I do think it's a fair challenge though, most of the time. Although some riddles can make me get stumped for quite a while due to vagueness but I have to solve them (usually by hitting object with the correct palmira action/weapon) to get through. At least many riddles are optional.

There's a new game plus, the game is about 10-12 hours long. You can complete your item collection and solve those riddles you couldn't solve because you didn't have that equipment at the time. This is one of my favorite games for PS2. I'm glad that this is a lot better than Evergrace and its flaws are very forgivable.