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Rubber Chicken Cards Free Trial Is A Scam

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darkknight By darkknight on
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You hear about online free trial scams but I thought i was too smart. Rubber chicken cards advertises a free trial offer but refuses to address cancellations requests via email until well after the deadline had passed. I think $19.95 is a ripoff for sending one (1) greeting card but rubberchicken cards is so desperate for your cash they don't care what they have to do to get it. I Googled the company before I enrolled in the free trial, now wished I had searched more.

I knew something was wrong Monday morning when my credit card was declined at 6 in the morning. I was online until 10:00 pm that night, I hadn't received any email notifying me of the charge. When I saw the billing email Monday I emailed Rubber chicken cards to ask for a refund. if I had actuall been biled on the day the trial ended i could have responded right away. But Rubber Chicken purposely administrated their website so that on that day the cancaellation option was available. How pathetic is it when a greeting card company works this hard to scam people?

Finding a way to contact someone was hard to find. My first email was ignored. I titled the second send "second request" and got a reply (three calendar days after the free trial "deadine". I guess you can try to cancel the "subscription", you just won't see how impossible it is until too late. I got an email with practically the entire help section pasted into it.

Rubber chicken cards in my case shut their website controls off to process cancellations, then their customer service person emailed me that it was my fault because on a Sunday I couldn't get a hold of them by phone, get anyone to answer email, or click a button described in the Help section that did not exists in in the indicated section. This is not a good way to attract customers but I don't think this company cares about that.

Worse, I see now it's $19.95 a month for Rubber Chicken cards, not annual, to get this "service". The email was deceptive after registering, it said thank you for subscribing to our newsletter. I bet they get people trapped into charges all the time they can't get out of, using techniques lots of scammer companies use. Word to the wise: don't do it. Don't subscribe to Rubberchicken cards unless you have a team of lawyers to get you out of it. Classic online scammer techniques.

I also have noticed an unbeleivable increase in spam to that email account connected to Rubberchickencards.com and cannot figure out where it is coming from. I have a feeling that my profile information has been overshared by this company. Considering how secure the credit card operation is, Rubberchicken cards ask for a LOT of information in the registration phase. Too much I think.