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Rubbermaid Has It Made!

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While shopping for an exchange at Wal Mart, I happened upon the kitchen gadget and storage aisle. I consider this section my toy department and try to avoid it, as I know I will buy things I want but do not really need. I found this Rubbermaid Twin Turntable and just could not resist it.

I like to utilize lazy Susan devices because our kitchen cabinets are not user friendly. I have several single and one double in use for all my cooking spices. My old double Susan is wearing out and needs to be put on light duty until it is retired. I have a hard time throwing things away, so I am using it for vitamins and OTC drugs. The new twin turntable I bought is taking on old Susan's heavy spice duty.

I have always liked Rubbermaid storage solutions and feel the company produces durable products. As a matter of fact, the old turntable I have belonged to my Grandmother before me, it is a Rubbermaid. The new version has the same turning feature and three pedestals hold up the upper deck. This is where the similarities end.

The new turntable is height adjustable, which is a spectacular feature. Spices come in a variety of different shaped/sized bottles. This also really works for me because our cabinets have awkward placement and the shelves have to be adjusted for this. The height adjustment on this twin turntable helps because I can fill empty upper space in my cabinet. The dimensions of the turntable are 5.6-6.9 X 11.4 X 11.4 inches.

Another difference between the old and new turntable is this one has No Slip features. There is a rubber star shaped inlay on both trays to keep you bottles/jars from sliding around when the turntable spins.

The edges of the tables are fluted out and sculptured for easy product access. This also gives the turntable a bit of an aesthetic appeal.

I bought the black with brown inlay. I noticed they had white also. I like the Rubbermaid Twin Turntable so much I am going back to buy another to replace one of the single trays, which will free up another shelf in my cabinet.

Note I knocked down the construction material category. Though the shelves and spinning mechanisms seem fine, I am not too keen on the pedestal attachment or height tabs. They seem sturdy enough to hold weight and be used for what they are intended but the design could be better, if you ask me. Regardless, we are talking about Rubbermaid. I am sure they know what they are doing because of the history I have with my other double Susan.

If your old lazy Susan is worn, you might want to look into this upgraded model. If you have never used a turntable for organization, this product is a must have.