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Rubbermaid Snap Topper Box Secure Sealing Lid

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Joan Young By Joan Young on
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The Rubbermaid Snap Topper storage boxes cost a little more, but if you need to be able to be sure that the box is securely sealed this is a good choice.

I needed to store dried backpacking foods between hikes, and the one metal box with a tight lid that I have is great, but it isn’t large enough. I had tried a couple of lighter weight and cheaper plastic storage boxes, but the moths always seemed to be able to get into them. This box appears to be keeping them out. However, I just emptied the box to measure it and discovered a pile of tiny dead flies, so they were able to get in.

As you can see from the pictures there is a simple sliding catch on each end of the box. Slide it out and it is open, slide it in and it catches on the underside of the handle. This works well, and the slider snaps into place so you can be sure you have it fastened. The catch will not accidentally slide open if the box is tilted.

There is a lip inside the lid that fits down into the box around the edge to help form a good barrier against pests. That is not to say that the box is airtight, or that it has a gasket. But it is a lot more secure than inexpensive storage boxes. I have found that it is good enough to keep the aromas of the food pretty much contained in the box as well, so it seems to be attracting fewer mice, although I’m not sure how I could verify this.

This size box has a 17 quart capacity. The measurements given on the label are a little bigger than the actual usable space since the box tapers slightly even though it is basically rectangular. The size of an item that you could actually place flat on the bottom of the tub is 8 1/4 (annoying- as a package of standard paper will not sit flat unless you have something about 1/2 inch high underneath it) by 11 inches. The tub has 8 1/2 inches of useable depth.

Outside measurements would require a minimum of 11 1/2 x 16 1/2 and a depth of 10 inches for storage. There are four very short molded feet which fit nicely into the top of another tub for stacking.

The plastic is fairly rigid, but flexible enough that it doesn’t shatter. The box is translucent so you can generally see what is inside.

All in all, this is a much better storage box than average, but you will pay a little more for it.