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Rubiks Revolution Cube

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My youngest wanted this particular slant on the old classic Rubik's cube this year. Even though this is a game that initially hit the market in 2007, it appears that it was fairly popular this year as I had a hard time locating one.

From a mother's perspective can I say that this game would probably become a little annoying rather quickly? The electronic voice (female) repeats itself over and over - particularly in the "Hot potato" mode by telling you to pass the cube. However; my family seemed to enjoy it, particularly the "Hot potato" mode but when someone tossed it to me unexpectedly, of course I missed the cue and well - I lost the game that had been going on for at least a 5 minute stretch.

This cube is comprised of 6 different games which are started by choosing the light that signifies the specific game. They include "Light Speed" signaled by the blue light lighting up. By tapping each of the lights that lights up in succession and keeping pace with the rapid game play you try to attain the highest score you can, or to beat the score of an opponent who has played the game before you. "Rapid Recharge" signified by the yellow light challenges you to fully light up the entire cube as quickly as possible. When one light turns on you must keep it lit while you attempt to light up all the other lights on the cube. If a light begins to go dim you have to keep tapping it to ensure it stays fully charged. "Pattern Panic" shown by the green light is very much like the old Simon game where you must remember the sequence of lights and the pattern in which they've lit and repeat that pattern - your score increases the longer you can match the exact pattern the cube has shown. "Cube Catcher" indicated by a silver light requires you to turn off lights as quickly as you can but if you happen to try and turn off a side of the cube that wasn't yet lit - you lose!

"Multi player Madness" signified by the red light is akin to "Hot Potato" and is a game where you challenge others to turn off the light shown as the game becomes more rapid with each pass. The person who manages to continue to keep the game in play wins if the opponent happens to miss turning off a light on his turn. Finally, "Code Cracker" signified by the orange light is a game that tests your sleuth ability - by determining the next light that the cube will flash in the sequence of lights during game play.

The game book comes with information about joining the Revolution game cube site at rubiksrevolution.com or you can also join in the fun at thecubenation.com.

Once the cube has been left alone for 60 seconds it falls into sleep mode in order to preserve the battery life. Batteries come with the game and to replace them you simply need to install three "AAA" batteries by removing the battery cover which is the top portion of the cube itself. The cover is held in place by a single screw and a Philips screwdriver makes changing them quick and easy.

The Rubik's Revolution cube states it's for ages from 5 to 105 and actually it would probably be a great way for those who want to keep their memories sharp, particularly the Pattern Panic game - but I don't know that this would be a game that would hold anyone's interest for extended periods and as I mentioned, the voice can become a little annoying ;) For a time passer though it's not a bad little game and would likely keep younger folks content for awhile.