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Ruined My 1 Reason For Buying An I Pod

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By chelle7906 on
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Ok, so the main reason why I got an ipod was because I was tired of wasting money burning CDs that I would get sick of listening to after about a month or so. I was really excited to be able to change up my music as I liked and about not having to carry around my overflowing CD case.

I did a lot of research before buying the transpod, and it seemed to be an overall good bet. Shortly after getting my ipod, I headed out and dropped down $100 on this little bugger which I now avidly hate. First of all, the large, bulky design of the transpod makes it impossible for me to plug it in to my cigarette lighter unless my gear shift is in drive (I drive a 2005 Subaru Legacy sedan for reference). Second, and most importantly though, the sound quality is pure junk. I have spent what seems like hours flipping through every available radio station in hopes of finding one that would provide decent sound and have had zero luck. Thinking that perhaps the audio system in my car was to blame for the inferior sound, I tried this out in the cars of some friends and family members and still had no luck. Soft, slow songs tend to sound tolerable with the transpod, but if you like anything with a bass...forget it; you'll just hear a static-y mess of buzzing.

If you're interested in trying a transpod, see if you can borrow a friend's to test out or buy one on ebay for a cheaper price (heck, I might even give you mine for $1). Just be sure you don't do what I did and shell out a great deal of money for this worthless piece.

I gave this product a rating of 1.3...1 for the fact that it charges your ipod, which is nice, and .3 because it transmits some sound (albeit terrible).