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Run Like A Wind

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I now understand what that phrase means; "Run like a wind..." It is what I feel with my new running shoes. I had my Nike Air running shoes for nine long years and it just had to give up. My family and friends (and even the shoe clerk where I got this new Adidas Adistar Ride) said nine years is more than enough for a good running shoes to keep running in good condition.

Well, I thought my Nike will never, ever give up on me. Probably, one of the reasons it just have to die on me is that I gained a substantial amount of weight so 9 years ago, I was not that heavy. Imagine running and all of a sudden, the sole went flying off the treadmill? I can because that happened to me a month ago. It took me long to really give up on my good Nike shoes but the rubber shoes were not as sturdy as it was and I couldn't keep my balance because of the broken soles. If I use the shoes any further, I might end up in a cast or wheelchair!!!

So, after many prodding and countless nights of pondering and deliberations, I finally succumbed to the well-wishes of my family and friends to ditch the old Nike and buy a new one. A vast majority of them recommended Adidas. So off I went to the nearest Adidas Factory Outlet in my area. It took me about an hour to narrow my search to one. Finally I found the one that would make my running life a lot easier. I also got it on sale. The original price was AED 245!

The Adidas Adistar Ride comes in blue, white and this yellow color. Unfortunately, they ran out of stock of other colors so I ended up buying the yellow-lined one. It is made of synthetic textile with comfortable foam insoles called Ortho Lite. One great advantage of this running shoes is that it is "air-cool" so there is no chance of having sweaty feet. The air flow feature of the shoes gives foot some cooling effect. It eliminates odor and inhibits the growth of fungus because it wicks away the moisture. The net-like textile stitched on the side of the rubber shoes acts as the "window" of the shoes so air circulates inside.

I have been pounding on the treadmill for a month now and so far so good. I feel like I am running like a wind.