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Reviewing: Jagex Runescape  |  Rating:
By Avishek Paul on
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Runescape is a MMORPG game by Jagex. Jagex is a company which makes games, and in my opinion Runescape is their best game, though it has some flaws in it, but overall it is a really good game.

Good Things

1-Features, it has a lot of features which can keep you entertained for a long time such as the skills, and the massive world

2-Skills- It has over 20+ skills which you can train to the map, and then continue training to become the best at it in the High-Scores.

3- Players, I find the majority of players to be nice and helpful, and you can always have company in an area.

Bad Things

1) Bots, there are a lot of bots, bots are players who use repetitive soft ware to do the skills or training in-game for them, even though botting is illegal in runescape thousands of players bot, in some areas all there are is bots, and maybe one legit player.

2)Repetitive, After a while of this it gets repetitive. I mean, would any of you like to spend weeks clicking on monsters, water, or a tree? It takes a long time to get 99 in any skill, and \that is another reason there are so many bots, so they can achieve the goals faster.