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Rune Scape 2

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RuneScape is an Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game full of quests, skills, combat experiences and more. Each player will start by completing a short tutorial on "Tutorial Island" and then will start their adventure in the town of Lumbridge. There are guides along the way to help both new and experienced players train their skills, quest, and learn the land. Players are able to build their combat level by fighting monsters and completing the many quests available ingame. Content wise, RuneScape 2 is very good. There are over 150 complex quests to complete, an enormous map with many monsters and journeys, and over one million users to interact with throughout the game. RuneScape requires no download and it runs in a browser at www.runescape.com. On the RuneScape website are forums in which you can interact with many other players to collaborate in order to explore more of the game's content. The graphics are decent, they are not as good as other games but the new graphics pack adds a sense of realism to the game. RuneScape 2 is 100% free to play, however players who wish to play more of the game content may pay $5.95 a month in order to become a RuneScape Member. This unlocks huge amounts of new content to play, and it will keep you busy for years completing all of the quests and such. There is also a great Player vs Player fighting system in which a player can log onto a PvP world and fight others close to their own level. This unlocks the possibility for rare drops which they can sell for money to other players.