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Runescape A Well Known Mmorpg.

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Runescape is a Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game created by the game company Jagex. It's a free to play game that you can choose to pay Five Dollars for if you want to get more Content. Runescape is a Dial-up friendly game. The Graphics aren't advanced so Dial-Up, or people with Slower internet Connections can load it fine. Area's load when you enter them to keep lag and load times to a minimum.

Graphics: The Graphics in Runescape aren't bad for a java based game, but horrible by today's standards. From person to bush, Monster to building, the Graphis are bad if you're trying to base them around games from 2007.

Sound: The music in Runescape is nice. It really seems to pull you into the game. Little things like music changes when you enter a new area, help make the game enjoyable on the ears.

Free To Play: This is a term comman term in Online games which means a game doesn't cost money to play. In Runescape, Free Players get less then Paying players. They get around half the bank space, Free Players get 12 Skills. They get a lot less of the map. Free Players get 18 total quests. They also get less items that they are able to use and wear.

Pay To Play: For $5 a month you unlock the ability to use everything Runesscape has to offer. Members get access to all 23 Skills, over 70 Quests, Access to 100% of the World Map, and so much more.

Gameplay: The Gameplay is Runescape is a basic Point and Click idea. Although that is just the first step in Runescape, the game offers so much more you can do. Other Online games make you choose a specific class like Warrior, Mage, Archer, In RS, your one character can be all of them. You can Mine, Fish, Cook, Make Armor and Weapons, and a lot more. Runescape is the cream of the crop in Gameplay options.

If you're looking for a fun online game that you can easily get on and play for a few minutes or longer, if you don't mind the outdated Graphics, then Runescape is the game to try.