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Runescape Once A Great Game, Now Falling To Ruins

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By John Abston on
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Runescape, the most played free MMORPG online, is now falling to ruin. As a longtime player of Runescape (over 5 years), I have witnessed both the peak and demise of this once great game. At the beginning of my experience with this game I fell in love. Never had I seen such a great looking game with an even greater community to go with it. Players cared for each other, and the online community was the greatest I've ever seen in online gaming. Those macroers and bots (computer programs used to gain unfair advantages) were unknown to us. Skilling was fun, and PKing in the wilderness made the game reach its level of fame. As a fan of Runescape, it wasn't long until I upgraded my account to a Runescape member, greatly expanding my abilities as a player and exposing myself to new adventures and skills. It was quite a fun and successful time in the game; then the game jumped off the cliff. Jagex tried gaining back support by offering much better graphics, and newly updated cities and skills, but it didn't get me back. The once great community was about to dissappear forever, thousands of players would quit, and protests broke out everywhere.

Jagex announced the destruction of the wilderness due to Real-World Traders (RWT) and macroers (bots) destroying the game. At first worst of this I cancelled my membership and soon after quit the game altogether in disgust of such a great game being ruined. Now, here I am, a couple years later after Runescape just re-released the wilderness in order to gain back their followers- it only took them 2 years to figure this out. I was happy as ever until I logged in. Everywhere I went bots were cutting all the trees, fishing all the lobsters, mining all my coal. The game wasn't Runescape, it was Botscape. Everywhere I went I would see those bald-headed level 3 cheaters. Cool, I got the wilderness back but the rest of the game was ruined. It really isn't that hard to detect botting but Jagex seems to fail at that. Jagex makes millions of dollars per year, yet they let bots roam freely destroying a game they have worked so hard on. All this happened last week, I quit again; this time more frustrated than the last. Runescape is dead. It will stay dead until this botting problem is fixed. The greatest MMORPG became the worst. All in all, don't play this game until the botting problem is fixed. Otherwise, you're wasting your time.