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Runescape Opinion

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By spaceace22 on
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RuneScape is a fun, simple, and Java-based game, created by the company, Jagex. It has a very wide array of activities to do, ranging from combat, to skills and minigames. Starting out, you are limited to the Free version of the game, which is quite extensive for being a "trial". The game concentrates mostly on your skills and quests. Usually, said skills can start to become repetitive (Especially in the higher levels), but if you make goals to shoot for, it won't exactly feel like you're doing just one thing over and over. The Free version has 15 skills available, but with limited abilities, 18 simple quests, and a fair amount of cities and towns to visit. Once you eventually start to get the hang of how the game works, you might be edged towards buying membership. At only $5 (Varying with payment methods) per month, I'd say it's worth it for all the content that opens up for you.

With membership, all 24 skills are open to you, with no restriction (Besides requirement level) on the abilities you can have for every skill, over 30 minigames in which involve combat or skilling, a huge overworld to travel plus many more dungeons, over 140 quests to complete, more weaponry and armors, plus much more.

Skills probably play one of the biggest roles in RuneScape. Skills are used for almost everything, be it quests, minigames, money-making, etc. They all max out at level 99, which can be either really easy and/or fast, or slow and/or boring depending on the skill in question since it is a total of 13, 034, 431 experience needed in any skill to get level 99. Once the feat of getting any skill to level 99 is achieved, you have the option of buying a Skillcape to show for your hard work in said skill. Asides from the skills themselves, there's the Construction skill, which when trained to high levels, can be used to build amazing houses that are used to host parties, hang with friends, or even train other skills with ease.

In RuneScape, there are many minigames that are used to train skills, combat, or even have some fun among friends. Most minigames are team-based, so to make those minigames' tasks easier, Jagex implemented a Clan Chat feature into the game which allows you to relay messages to other players in your team. It can also be used as a place to just chat with friends as well. In most minigames you find yourself trying to achieve one (Or many) goal(s) which affect your overall performance. Usually after a minigame session is over, you are rewarded depending on how you did on the minigame. Most minigames help out with skill leveling, some help out with combat, and others are monetary rewards (Treasure Trails is a very good example of this).

With every (MMO)RPG, there's bound to be at least one storyline. Well, RuneScape has rather many storylines actually. Ranging from simple quests that are a task that you must do to quests that have you running all over Gielinor (The land in which RuneScape is played), RuneScape features over 140 quests, some which have a certain storyline behind it. They range from quests in which you have an objective that is downright simple to achieve to quests that take a while to complete due to having to traverse dungeons, or certain parts of Gielinor which can be tricky to travel across. Some just have difficult boss fights you must go through to complete them. Completing quests yields a wide variety of rewards, such as new abilities, experience points, items or money, and even unlock some minigames, weapons, and armors. Should you be adventorous enough to complete every quest in RuneScape, you shall be rewarded with the Quest Cape that shows your bravery, your questing ability, and most of all, your stamina.

Of course, I have yet to talk about the RuneScape player community. Being an MMORPG, you'll find yourself among many, MANY players in your travels. Now, here comes one of the bad aspects of the game. It's not exactly the game's fault either, but the fact that about 90% of RuneScape's players are rather childish and immature, it can bring down some. In members, you will find less of these players, but there's always the obnoxious player who just has to make your game experience a bit frustrating. The good thing is, that's not many. You can make friends while playing RuneScape, either just helping each other out, or just talking and getting to know one another when doing just about anything.

Now, I'm not quite done yet. The main RuneScape site has many features, including a Manual (Jagex's own guide to RuneScape) and Official Discussion forums. The Manual is a quick reference guide to the many things that can be done in RuneScape. It explains the many different skills, minigames, combat styles, and it has Area guides to familiarize yourself with the many lands in Gielinor. The Official Discussion forums feature many discussion forums and even a Marketplace forum to buy and sell almost anything you might need in RuneScape.

The most crucial part of RuneScape is your account. I will say this as the first and only warning: Hackers will do ANYTHING to get control of your account. Because of such, it is very important to set a hard-to-guess password; one that you won't forget either. Along with that, IF a hacker were to somehow gain control of your account, it is important to set Recovery Questions. You can use those to re-gain control of your account by answering them to let Jagex issue you with a new password.

Sure, RuneScape has its ups and downs, but to any fan of MMORPGs that does not focus in graphics (RuneScape IS Java-based after all), I would recommend this game. It's fun, simple, and can keep you busy with hours of skill training. Not to mention the fact that you can make some of the best friends while playing. Start out slow, work your way up, and when you think you're ready, buy membership. If your members experience is a good one, I recommend to try and stay as one.