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Rush Creek Biodegradable Planter For Your Flowers

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This summer I purchased a Mexican Heather tree, a regular plant someone had pruned into a miniature tree shape. We plantMexican Heather in our gardens each year. It is a hardy annual plant, with fern-like leaves, and purple flowers that bloom all summer until frost.

The Mexican Heather tree came in a small-sized pot. We were told to replant it into a larger pot and it would bloom outdoors in the summer and indoors during the winter months here in Michigan.

Rush Creek Designs makes these great looking biodegradable planters, and we happened to see these at a small local market. I was looking for a purple color to match the flowers and found one that was perfect. The planter we chose is called the 7" Ginko, in the color amethyst. It is made of bamboo fiber, rice husks, wheat straw, and corn stalks. How they mixed all this together and made a flower-pot out of it is beyond me, and to have the color I was looking for was sheer good fortune.

The dimensions of the planter are 7-1/4 x 5-1/2", with drain holes on the bottom. They are nontoxic and will biodegrade in 2 to 3 years after discarding them. The design of this flower-pot looks like a typical clay pot, and it weighed almost nothing before filling it. I am keeping my tree on an outside protected window ledge to prevent it from exposure to too much rain during the summer. I will move it indoors during the winter months.

On the website for Rush Creek Designs, I found a variety of containers for both indoor and outdoor decor. There are many shapes, sizes, and colors like peridot green, ruby, shades of blue, and citrine yellow, to name just a few. Please check the website for all the available biodegradable pots/planters if you are interested in trying these. I will be sure to update this review on how well this biodegradable planter performs.

Update On Jan 05, 2011: Although my biodegradable planter is still in perfect condition to this date, my tree did not survive a massive over watering from a helpful neighbor while we were on vacation in October. I picked up 3 more of these Rush Creek biodegradable planters when they went on sale after Thanksgiving and can't wait for spring when the nurseries and farmer's markets start selling flowers again!