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Rush Hour 3

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By seraph on
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What was Brett Rattner thinking?!

Personally, I have been looking forward to this movie as soon as I heard the script was in production. I tried to keep my expectations normal, so as to not overhype the movie to myself. Nothing could have prepared me for the mediocrity that was the third in what was a hilarious movie series.

Spoilers are impossible with this movie, as anyone who has seen the first movie has essentially seen this one as well. That’s right. It’s the first movie all over again, merely set in Paris this time around. Sure, Rattner tried to hide the reused plot behind a few new plot ideas. Detective Li’s ‘brother’ shows up to cause trouble, a dancer from an exotic club becomes a love interest, and Soo Young is all grown up now. But that is where any new elements immediately cease.

Stop me if I’m telling you anything new here.

The Chinese triad are back again, and a mysterious name of “Shy Shen” is all anyone has to go on. Li and Carter team up to track down Shy Shen, and Ambassador Han’s daughter Soon Young is kidnapped. They travel to Chinatown to find clues, and then soon find out that the European elderly ambassador is actually a major Triad member.

Yes. The plot from the first movie is the same in the second.

I’m not sure what Rattner was thinking when he made RH3, but it’s quite obvious he threw the movie together at the very last minute. What used to be a movie line with so much potential has been destroyed in one 90 minute fell swoop.

My advice? Save your money – watch Rush Hour 1 instead.