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Russia, Saint Petersburg

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By MiniTk Kwan on
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I went to Russia last year in August. Firstly is was the tours that put me off because it was mainly history of churches but the thing i found out about the churches was that some of the tops of the churches are painted or over-coated with gold. That is why everyday when the light hits those roofs, the churches just shine. Beautiful. Also the palaces and museums filled with memorial and priceless artifacts was good too. I really like gold and precious stones and elements. The good thing about the tours was that they fed you. What they fed my family and friends was unique and we had lots of choices. I wanted to try their beef strogonaff. hehe beefy.

The food, the tours and the odd and very strong smell coming from the pubs was mostly fun for me. It was mostly because of the smeel from the pubs. Beware :). The tours were great because they just take you to the places people want to see in the capital of russia. All i was interested in was the fruit shops and the churches that seemed, well, huge. The fruit shops i gotta say did the whole thing. Everything expensive in Australia was cheap in Russia. We bought a super cheap box that was filled with about 15 huge strawberries. Blueberries you would expect to find about the same price in Australia but prepare to be suprised. They had many fruits and we were lucky enough to find most of the shopkeepers handing out large pieces of fruit for people to sample.

GO TO RUSSIA. It may be freezing if you go during winter time there but if you have hot food after being in the cold. Trust me the feeling is great and frankly it kind of made me happy... Food, tours, history, shops. All good. GO!

P.S i may be wrong about the fruit shops prices but they shouldn't be expensive ....