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Ruud Gas Water Heater

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Becky Knouff By Becky Knouff on
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I can remember living with a water heater which didn't get the water hot enough, or it didn't keep it hot long. Nothing is more frustrating then running out of hot water in the middle of a shower or waiting an hour for water to get hot.

After getting fed up, we got the RUUD Gas Water Heater we have now, and I have never been disappointed. The water is always hot, and it stays hot to the end of the shower. I can take long showers without worrying about my water getting cold.

I use to think electric water heaters were better, but I have changed my mind since using this gas water heater. It uses less gas then the electric ones did electricity making it more cost efficient.

It had a 5 year warranty, and it has not needed much maintenance. Cleaning and draining is all we have ever done to it. It has been really easy to maintain.

I am one person who hates to deal with appliances or anything which doesn't work right. I have no patience for things breaking. Although, I know it will happen, I expect to get my money's worth. Things I purchase should have some longevity.

This water heater has served us well.