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Rx Rewards Platinum Keeps Our Meds Within Budget

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We signed up with HEB pharmacy Rx Rewards Platinum about a year and a half ago. Though we have medical insurance, we found the Rx Rewards program offered a greater savings with their prescription medication co pay. The program is simple: you pay a one-time $5 enrollment fee and you and your family (unlimited number of people) are covered.


*All brand and generic medications discounted

*Five hundred $5 generic medications

*Five hundred brand name medicines for $50 or under

*A 90-day generic supply for $9.99

*Free health screenings

*Discounted immunizations

*Discounted pet meds

*Some prenatal vitamins are free

The medications on the Rx Rewards program are not obscure. Most of the $5 generic meds are those prescribed in doctor offices every day. My physician actually keeps a list of the $5 generics on hand so he can prescribe those. Here is the drug listing PDF, if you are interested.

Since we enrolled in the program, we have made the enrollment fee back repeatedly in savings. For example, I was prescribed a common drug recently. Our insurance co pay was $7.15 the Rx Rewards co pay was $5. On this drug alone, I saved $2.15!

The only problem I have with the Rx Rewards program is my medical prescription insurance is hardly used, so those deductibles are not accruing. I think the saving we get is worth losing some on the deductible credits.

For those Texans looking to save on prescription costs, enroll in HEB Pharmacy Rx Rewards Platinum. You will not regret it.