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ally By ally on
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What ever happened to good old fashioned face to face entertainment? It seems to me that you don't even have to leave your house now to play a game with your friend. You just hop on line via computer or gaming system. Well, I admit I enjoy that style of play also, but I don't want to lose the face time with friends just having fun either.

My fiancee and I were skimming television channels and found ourselves watching a scrabble competition on ESPN. A lightbulb went off in my head and we went to buy a scrabble game. Well, scrabble has so many varieties believe it or not. But, I was feeling nostalgic and so we got the regular version.

I had forgotten how fun that game was! Feeling all cocky and smart I was pretty deflated when my fiancee kept winning. We played for hours! Well, that was mainly because I wouldn't let him stop playing until I won.

The game included four wooded letter holders, your wooden letters, and ofcourse the little bag you mix them up in. It had been so long since we had played an actual board game we had to read the instructions to remind us how to play Scrabble again! We had a blast, we were like two kids again.