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Sabrina The Teenage Witch The First Season

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Sabrina the Teenage Witch was my favorite TV show when I was growing up. Every Friday night was special because my friends and I got together at each others houses. Our parents ordered pizza and we watched Sabrina the Teenage Witch. I had a black cat at the time, just like Sabrina had Salem, her cat. There could not have been a better show for me.

Sabrina was a teenage witch, but no one, including her boyfriend, knew. Each week brought a new episode and that was always exciting. In the beginning, for me, it was all about Salem, the cat. Salem was not an ordinary cat, he was a smart allicky talking cat. Sometimes I think he had the best lines. It was always so funny to watch the fake Salem doing his thing. I never knew what they would come up with next.

I loved the show so much, I also had the toys that go with the show. Sabrina and Harvey dolls and many Salem the cat items made up my Christmas lists. I still have some of these things.

Then as we got older, we all swooned over Harvey, Sabrina's boyfriend. I remember being sad when Harvey and Sabrina broke up. Sabrina's wacky aunts were always part of the fun too. They lived in a big Victorian house.

I was even sadder when the show ended but by then, I guess there was no more to tell and Melissa Joan Hart was getting too old to play Sabrina. Luckily, there were reruns on TV so I could see all my favorite Sabrina episodes. All, but the first season. For some reason, they never showed the first season. Those episodes were the most special of all.

Even when Sabrina was being sold on DVD, the first season was missing. Then, a few months ago, they released the coveted first season of Sabrina the Teenage Witch. I purchased it the same day it was available. There are 24 episodes on this DVD. I spent the next several days reliving those days when I was little and it was Friday night all over again.

If you grew up watching this show, you have to get Sabrina the Teenage Witch, the Complete First Season.