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Candida Eittreim By Candida Eittreim on
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A balanced garden is a healthy garden. When using chemical pest and disease controls, we often create serious imbalances in nature. Leaving the obvious impact that chemical pesticides create, there are more subtle and serious problems going on. As birds, butterflies and other beneficial creatures absorb toxins, they quietly vanish from the gardenscape. Plus, every time you touch leaves, blooms or fruits with bare hands, you yourself take in some of the chemical residues.

In my garden classes I help my students see how vital and fragile our home ecosystems are to the environment, and point them to products that are organic and highly effective. Neem Oil is one of these products. Made from the neem tree, a native of India, this oil is effective against Japanese beetles, thrips, mites, aphids and many other garden pests. it also helps keep mildews and fungi from spreading in the rose garden.

Neem can be applied by direct spraying. It absorbs quickly and within minutes you notice an immediate visible reduction in pest activity. While it rarely burns or scalds leaves in direct hot sunlight, it is best applied in the early morning or late evening hours.

Safer Brand Neem Oil is already mixed and comes in an environmentally friendly pump spray container. Safer is committed to developing organic products that don't harm the environment, are cost effective and work well. Beneficial insects are not harmed by neem, as they are with chemical pesticides, which kill indiscriminately.

My fruits and veggies are safe to eat after treating with neem oil. This is critically important when you are raising produce to feed your family. Small children and pets can share the garden without worrying about accidental poisonings. This is a great product at an inexpensive price that protects the earth and your family.