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Safely Store Your Milk

Reviewing: The First Years Breast Milk Storage Bags  |  Rating:
By ljohnson on
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Being a working, breastfeeding momma, I was unsure of what I was going to use to store my expressed breast milk for my daughter to eat it at daycare. I saw these breast milk storage bags by The First Years on clearance at Target and decided to give them a try.

I had previously used some Gerber storage bags, and these were completely different, from the feel of the plastic, to the design of the bag. First of all, the plastic used in The First Years storage bags were more "stiff" feeling (compared to a softer plastic with the Gerber bags). I'm not sure which is "better" but with the research that I did, the storage bags from The First Years are supposed to be BPA free, so that is good. The design of the bag is unique, and I really like it. There is a definite bottom to this bag, so that when you pour in the milk, it will stand up on its own, which helps to prevent spillage (spillage is always a bad thing when breast milk is concerned. It is 100% understandable when you cry over spilt breast milk!). There are pre-printed ounce markings on the bag, which could be useful if they were accurate...but they aren't. It isn't a huge deal though, just check the bottle that you pumped into for the amount of milk, then write it on the bag with a sharpie or other permanent marker. These bags also have an area to put the child's name (very useful if there's more than one child getting milk at a daycare), the date and the amount of milk.

I really liked that this bag has a double zipper to close, it makes me feel more secure in the fact that my milk won't spill out. It also makes me more confident in freezing my milk that there won't be freezer burn (so far there isn't any, but the oldest milk in my freezer is just a few weeks old, so not really enough time to tell for sure if there's going to be freezer burn or not).

The bag states that it is easy to pour out of, and with as sturdy and rigid as the plastic is, that doesn't surprise me. So if you're going to then transfer your milk into a bottle, this would probably work well. What I do, however, is use a Playtex drop in bottle, and use this storage bag as the liner for the bottle. That way, I'm not dirtying a bottle, and not using a drop in liner, so there's no extra waste. You do need to tear off the top tabs of the bag to ensure a good fit and no leaking, and they work really well!

The biggest downside to this is the cost, they are 30 cents each, and that's with me buying them on clearance! I go through a box of these every 6 days, so that can sure add up. But it's still cheaper than formula!