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Safer Pantry Moth Traps Not Up To Big Problems

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Joan Young By Joan Young on
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We were tormented for a few years by Pantry Moths, and although these work, they are inadequate for a real infestation.

Pantry, or Grain Moths, or Indian Meal Moths can be a horrible problem once they get a foothold in your kitchen. After decades of never having any, about five years ago we got hit hard, and suddenly were finding them in every sort of grain product in the house. Many products could be sealed better, but my big issue is that we have an old Hoosier Cabinet with a flour bin that I’ve used all my life. And I was not willing to give up using it. But, of course, it is open to the air and easy access for the moths.

So we kept working hard at cleaning the bin out and removing the larvae and webs (this job is a real pain), but also needed to find a product that would kill any moths that were flying around. The Safer Pantry Moth Traps were recommended to me as the only thing that would work well on these pests.

Each box contains two traps. A trap consists of a piece of cardboard which you fold into a triangular tube so that it can sit in any convenient location near where the moths are. The inside of this tube is sticky. Then you open a sealed packet and put the non-toxic lure, which is treated with pheremones (scents that lure the moths) on the sticky surface. The moths are attracted, stick to the surface and die. They are easy to dispose of: just pop the whole thing in the trash. Let me be the first to say that they do work well.

However, because of the way the moths are killed, when the surface is covered the trap is, obviously, full and you can’t catch any more moths in it. And here’s where I became disappointed. The two traps did not have nearly enough surface area to make a real dent in our problem, and at $7.50 a box I just couldn’t afford to continue this treatment.

If you think you see any of these moths around your house, this product would probably eliminate them before you developed a real problem. If you are already in serious trouble, I guess you can decide if you are willing to spend the money on these.

We did finally get the moths under control. How you ask? It ain’t pretty but it works.... plain old flypaper. (I just try to remember to take it down if we have company coming)