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Safety Shield Tablet Cutter Works Pretty Well

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Joan Young By Joan Young on
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This tablet/pill splitter was inexpensive but works quite well without many design flaws.

About 18 months ago we entered the world of people who have to take pills. Hubby had a heart attack, and suddenly we were in need of pill storage reminder containers, tablet splitters, and stuff we’d never bothered with before.

This splitter is a plastic box, 1.5 x 3 inches, and 3/4 inch deep. This plastic is quite thick- much sturdier than the kind of plastic you might picture for a box of this size. There is a soft plastic guide table into which you insert the pill (the red part in the picture). You push the pill forward into the point, and this holds it so that the split will result in two even pieces.

The blade is permanently fixed in the lid of the box. There is a clear plastic shield on a hinge which slides when you open and close the box. This means that when the box is open you can not cut yourself on the blade, because it is covered. This is simple, and works really well.

When you put a pill in and close the box, the blade is exposed and the pill is split. I did an aspirin for the pictures, and you can see that it didn’t quite make a clean split. Hubby says he hasn’t really had this problem. The aspirin are old, maybe that makes a difference.

You can wash the unit just by running warm water through it and leaving it open to dry.


-Works simply


-Hubby says he has no trouble sliding the pills in even with guy fingers.


-The debris from the splitting falls out the bottom. So you want to split pills on a tissue or something that can be tossed out when you are done, or a surface you can easily wipe.

-Hubby says the pills that already have a line on the top are actually harder to do because you have to get them oriented just right on the “table.”