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Sager Np 2096 Unknown Laptop Worth Every Penny!

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Sager NP2096 --- 15.4" WSXGA+ Glossy LCD w/nVIDIA GeForce 9600 GT w/512MB, 2.53 Gz processor (25 w), 4 Gb RAM, 4Gb Intel Robson Turbo Memory, 320GB SATA II 3GB/s 7, 200 RPM Hard Drive, Windows Vista Home Premium

The Sager NP 2096 is an exceptional machine. Through powernotebooks.com I was able to customize it to my heart's content. The Website is very user friendly, and the customer service is outstanding! (Purchased 12/22/08)

Knowing a lot about computers I researched which laptop would be best for me. I looked at Dell, Hp, Sony, Apple, Gateway and all the other companies you can imagine. I then came across the website notebookreviews.com. This website is highly recommended. The users there told me about powernotebooks.com. After looking at all the options the Sager NP 2096 was the best I could get, especially for the money.

I decided upon a 2.53 Dual Core Intel Centrino processor. This (at the time and now) is a great and powerful processor. I spent $25.00 extra to get it to work at 25 watts, saving me battery time. I got 4 Gb, yes 4 Gb, RAM. This has been working very well for me, but be aware that only Windows Vista can use all 4 Gb.

The computer comes (free!) with amazing features such a; a fingerprint reader (which works amazingly well), webcam (see my video preview), drivers, a Turbo Charger button and no preinstalled crapware!

The Graphics Card is exceptional for a notebook in this price range. I can play Crysis on Medium settings and Fallout 3 on high. The notebook does get hot after playing games (as expected) but the fans do a great job of cooling it down. The fans only come on when needed, which is pretty much only while playing games, and are not very noisy at all.

The keyboard is absolutely phenomenal on this laptop. Not only is it classic looking, but it also has a great feel to it when typing. This is also true for the touchpad. The computer comes with an ALPS driver installed for scrolling. The webcam works very well at 1.3 megapixels. This laptop is overall extremely sturdy; it takes two hands just to open the lid! The screen is absolutely stunning, and the extra price for the resolution is worth it. Altough a bit heavy, the laptop is not too bad especially for a gaming machine.

Powernotebooks.com is a highly reputable site, receiving a 9.97 Lifetime Rating at resellerratings.com (http://www.resellerratings.com/store/PowerNotebooks). I have called both powernotebooks.com and Sager and can vouch that each are very well run. The customer service is much better than big computer companies, and repairs are quick and easy. Each laptop is hand put together. I received my laptop in only 2 days through the express shipping method! (Ask for Donald. He is well known in the custom laptop world as the best helper!)

Overall, this laptop is an amazing buy. Not only is the price $1, 700 (would be $1, 300 today!) for my customization, which would have been $2, 000+ for other companies great, but the computer will be fully functional in the future! I highly recommend it!

P.S. Do not get the Intel Robson Turbo Memory 2.0. I have not seen it make a difference in performance ($80!)