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Saitek Dual Analog Computer Controller

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Forest Leichner By Forest Leichner on
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I have been doing alot of gaming on my computer and was using the key board for some games that could be played easier (and get alot more satisfaction out of) with a windows compatiable analog controller. So I started by looking at different dual analog controllers (with at least 10 programable buttons) in the 25 dollars or lower range. There were a few other brands that looked to be smaller but weren't compatiable with Vista (which is what I have) and the buttons weren't in a nice order like the Saitek P990 10 button analog controller was.

After deciding the Saitek P990 dual analog controller (10 button) was the one I wanted to buy, I paid the 19.99 plus tax and went home to try it out on the game I was struggling with trying to use the key board and mouse, Disney's, Pirates of the Carribean At Worlds End. What I think I liked most was there was no disc to download into your drivers to use the Saitek controller (unlike alot of the other brands I looked at). I plugged it into the USB port and seconds later was programming the 10 buttons plus right/left analog sticks and directional pad to exactly what I wanted them to be. I spent the next two days using the Saitek (more than my wife wanted I'm sure) to beat the game. I love my Saitek P990 10 button dual analog controller. It made the game fun and easy to control the characters with out using the key board. The ease of just plugging it into the USB port of your computer makes it great for begginers and experts alike and the game play with this controller is great. Can't beat it for only 19.99!