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Salem Falls Let The Witch Hunt Begin

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Of all the Jodi Picoult books I have read, so far Salem Falls takes the number one spot. From beginning to end, I could not put this book down. It was just that good.

The book is about a teacher, who is accused of rape by a teenage girl who's infatuation turns into something much more serious (in her mind at least). After a plea bargain and 8 months in jail, the teacher, Jack, starts his life over in a small town called Salem Falls. It's not long however, before everyone in town knows what he was accused of before and begins trying to run him out of town. No one tries harder though than a group of teenage girls who practice Wicca and are used to getting their way. One girl in particular sets her sights on Jack and when she doesn't get the attention from him that she wants, she too accuses him of rape and the nightmare he had lived before gets to be lived all over again.

This book is definitely a must read!