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Salinase: Nasal Drops For Kids

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Salinase, with generic name Sodium Chloride, is actually a simple salt solution, or more scientifically known as a buffered isotonic saline solution. Its use is for dyr, crusted, and stuffy nostrils. Three drops per nostrils as needed should do the trick. For infants, after the solution has been dropped, it is suggested that the nose of the baby be massaged and then suctioned so as to remove dried mucus. It is safe and also affordable. But since I got this from my sister in law, I did not put the price up there. But I know it is cheap, just more than a dollar for a 30ml bottle.

But my problem with this product is, it comes in drops format. Since my baby would not stay still, it takes so much effort and fighting just to get one drop into her nose. I would really appreciate it if it has a sprayer handy, but I am not aware if it has. So instead, we shifted to using Muconase, because it has a very efficient sprayer. Even with that, it is very difficult to get one spray into my baby's nose.

Anyway, I would recommend Salinase though to older kids whom we can tell to stay still. It is also good for adults, as my husband also used it and then we suctioned his nose and he was able to breathe better. It is not for older babies, like 6 months and up. It is very hard to administer.