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Saline Nose Spray

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I had a cold that began with a stuffy nose. I hate it when I can't breathe out my nose! I have a deviated septum and when I get a cold, it completely closes off. The only thing I had ever gotten relief with was nasal spray. I unfortuantely used a medicated nose spray and got addicted to it. I ended up at the doctor to try and get some relief since the spray stopped working. He told me to try using a saltwater nose spray and wean myself off the medicated one.

So on my next shopping trip to Krogers I looked for a Saline Nose Spray. They carried one in a Kroger generic brand. This was pretty cheap compared to my medicated spray. I started to switch over to the saline spray and it gave me complete relief! I don't use this unless I feel a cold coming on or some allergies kicking up. This is a better alternative to the medicated nasal sprays. It's safe and non-habit forming.

I also use this every time before I get on an airplane. You know how dry the airplane air is and this will help moisturize your nasal passages. Too bad I can no longer carry it on board with me. I use it just before I check my bags and then slip it into my checked luggage.

If you are stuffy.....grab one of these in a Kroger brand or any other brand. Leave those medicated nasal sprays on the shelf, they are not natural and can become very addictive if you over use them.