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Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs

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I had high hopes for Sally Hansen's Airbrush Legs when I saw it in the store. How cool, a tanning product that you could spray on and did not have to get all over your hands, how easy is that? Boy was I mistaken.

I was going on a trip to Puerto Rico for my husbands work in December. My Summer tan had faded and I knew I would be walking around in skirts, dresses and shorts so I was looking for something to give my legs a little color because I knew there was no way I was going to wear stockings. I saw the Airbrush Legs in the store and thought it was going to be the easiest and fastest to use since I assumed you just sprayed it on. OK, this is where I have the biggest problem with this product and it's false advertising. It is called Airbrushed Legs and right on the front of the can it says "Spray-on Perfect Legs in an Instant!" Sounds good, right? Well, when I got it home and went to test it out, I read the directions and they say "spray directly into hands and apply to legs". Say What? My whole reason for buying this was so I did not have to touch it with my hands. What exactly is the advantage to spraying it on if you have to spray it into your hands?

I had it so I decided to give it a try anyway. My over all impression was that it just stinks. Since you spray it on you hands first, you apply a very small amount at a time which tends to dry before you get much on so it takes a long time to do your whole leg. It is also really hard to apply since it's not creamy like a lotion and it's hard to get an even coat. When I did get it on, it looked very unnatural like I was wearing makeup on my legs rather than having a tan. You also use alot of it at one time so there are very few applications you can apply before you run out.

Another false claim by this product is that it dries in 60 seconds and is transfer resistant. To me that means it does not rub off onto other things, Wrong again, even an hour later, I could take a tissue and wipe it over my legs and the tissue would be covered with the stuff. The only true thing I did find about this product was that it does indeed wash away with soap and water, that is if there is anything left to actually wash off.

Bottom line here folks is that if you are looking for a tanner, avoid this one. It is not what it appears to be and does not work well either.