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Sally Hansen Nail Polish Strips No Staying Power

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Jill Viers By Jill Viers on
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Blue Ice Salon Effects Real Nail Polish Strips

I like having nicely manicured and polished nails, but I rarely take the time to do my nails. I spend even less time maintaining the polish once it starts to chip. Since I don't like how it looks to have chipped fingernail polish, I often let my nail products sit in the cupboard rather than applying them in the first place.

Recently, I was shopping at Target and spotted a new Sally Hansen product: Salon Effects Real Nail Polish Strips. The nail polish strips are basically stickers you apply to your fingernails rather than painting them. The box says the Salon Effects Real Nail Polish strips can last on your nails for up to 10 days. I doubted that they would last so long, and I thought the $8.50 price tag was a bit pricey, but I decided to purchase the product anyway. I do like most Sally Hansen nail products and I have had better luck with these nail polishes lasting without as much chipping. I also thought the ease of putting a sticker on my nails was so simple that it was worth a try.

I purchased the polish strips in a midnight blue shade with sparkles. At the Sally Hansen website, along with in stores, you can find additional shades. Some are plain, bright colors, such as hot pink. Others have patterns ranging from animal prints to floral prints. Here is a link if you'd like to check out additional colors and product reviews of the Sally Hansen nail polish strips: http://www.sallyhansen.com/products/nails/nail-color/salon-effects-real-nail-polish-strips

The packaging for the Sally Hansen Salon Effects Real Nail Polish Strips is nice because the box is relatively small, yet contains all of the necessary items (nail file, polish strips, and instructions). I read the directions and applied the on a Thursday afternoon. The first problem I had when applying was finding a size of each sticker to fit the size of my nail bed. Apparently, my nail beds are narrow, so almost all of the stickers were too wide for my finger. This was ok because I still found something that was close, I just had to accept that a little excess sticker would go beyond the nail and onto my actual finger.

The second problem I had was with step 5 in the directions. The Sally Hansen product came with a nail file, which I assumed was just to prepare my nails. However, it was also for shaping the nail strips by cutting the excess sticker from the tips. I had trouble cutting the sticker because it wouldn't cut evenly. It tore at the tip of my fingernails, causing the sticker to look like chipped nail polish immediately. I was frustrated that I had barely put the things on and they already looked like chipped nail polish. The reason I'd bought the Real Nail Polish Strips was to make it easier to avoid the chipped nail polish look, not to start with it.

The third problem I had was that the stickers started to rip off two days later, so by Saturday, my nails looked like I hadn't taken care of them in a week. As I said, I didn't expect them to last for 10 days, but I was hoping for more than 2. I will say, as one compliment, that at least the nail polish strips do not damage the nails once the stickers peel off. That's the problem I've always had with fake nails - once they start to peel off, they take layers of your nail off with them. The nail polish strips do come off cleanly without stripping away any of the nail.

I will say that I did like how the stickers looked on my nails other than the chipped tips. If it only lasted longer, it might be worth the price tag. But overall, $8.50 is way too much to pay for a product that lasts even less time than a coat of nail polish. Plus, there aren't extra nail strips in the sizes you'd want, so it's not like you can just remove one and maintain the look. When I want my nails to look nice, I'm just going to have to suck it up and do them right, maintenance included.