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Sally Hansen Wax Kit For Perfect Waxing Ay Home

Reviewing: Sally Hansen Express Wax Hair Removal Kit For Face And Body  |  Rating:
By sweetmom on
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Every woman has this problem with hair removing as it is a must . I used to have problem with hair too but not now. I used to try razors but this used to blacken my arm pits. A couple of times I went to parlour for waxing and it gave wonderful results as it is effective for about seven or eight weeks. But going out for waxing is a bit embarrassment for me and is a bit tiresome too owing to the fact that I have two kids at home. The lady at the parlour advised me to use Sally Hanses waxing kit as it can be used at home itself. I was very happy to have got solution for my problem.

The kit is available easily at any store and I bought it near our house and the good thing is it just came in 9.99$ and it is worth more than the cost. I am really very happy with this pack and it is working great. The other good thing is that it has a pleasant scent and it doesn't cause a slight irritation while using.

It has some natural ingredients and they help in keeping the skin smooth and moist. I could feel the blackness caused due to razors reducing after I started using this waxing. It can be used for face and body too. I don't have any facial hair but have few hair on hands and legs. But with this waxing I could remove the hair completely and the skin is very smooth on my hands and legs after I started using this waxing. It is very easy to use and it doesn't need any heating which is a good relief for me as my skin becomes red with the parlour waxing where they heat the strips. These strips just need to be placed on the skin and just need to be ripped off. That's all, we get rid of all the hair. When I saw on the pack that it lasts for eight weeks, I thought they were boasting but it really gives relief from hair for almost seven or eight months. I am extremely lazy and this is really great thing as I don't need to remove hair very often. It is extremely painless and that is the most important thing!