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Salton Ym9 1 Quart Yogurt Maker

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By annb on
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I love my Salton Yogurt Maker! I cannot believe how much money I have saved ever since I started making my own yogurt at home! This is not frozen yogurt, like ice cream, but the creamy, tangy kind found at your grocery store in small plastic cups. If you've never thought about making yogurt, I urge you to consider it. It's so simple to do with the aid of the Salton, and yogurt has so many health benefits! Not only will you save money, but you can "customize" your yogurt by adding all sorts of fruits and nuts to make it even more delicious and healthy! Plus, you won't be getting any of the preservatives that are in yogurt from the store. Why pay up to a dollar for a cup of yogurt when you can have the fun of doing it yourself? I have never had a failed batch of yogurt - it's foolproof!

How do you make yogurt with the Salton, you may ask? Not a whole lot. First, a good brand of plain yogurt (Stonyfield is best, as it's all natural) to use for your starter. Second, skim milk, and to make it a little stiffer, powdered milk. You heat the milk, mix with the yogurt starter and powdered milk (detailed directions come with the yogurt maker, and you will probably need a cooking thermometer to make sure your milk doesn't get too hot) pour the mixture into the yogurt maker, let it incubate for 8 hours (good things come to those who wait) and you have a delicious quart of yogurt! Add your fruit once the yogurt is made.

See how easy? If you love yogurt like I do, you owe it to yourself to try the Salton Yogurt Maker!