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Sam's Town Hotel Shreveport La

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My husband and I have been to Sam's Town Hotel and Casino a few times in the past few years. Most of the time it would be with out the kids on our anniversary. The last time we went it was wonderful.

The Red River Revel lands on our anniversary almost every year, in October. Sam's is walking distance for it, like four blocks away. There is the Texas Bridge that goes right beside it. And under that bridge there is some restaurants, a frozen daiquiri bar, a regular bar, and a comedy club. I love the way the cities buildings look.

This hotel is right on the red river that separates Shreveport from Bossier City.

Next door to Sam's Town is the Eldorado's Hotel and Casino.

Down the street close to where the river revel is held there is a discovery center that is really cool.

The casino will give you a card and you can earn points to stay free or get discounts in the restaurants or casino. We gambled a little, in Sam's casino. I lost and my husband won and wouldn't share.

So, we went to the little bar in the lobby, where a band was playing. The singer sounded just like George Strait. I requested a few songs and he nailed them. I had a blast.

The bar is set up to where, the front looks like a bar, but with flavored oxygen you could buy. (Don't ask me, I just saw people using it. It looked strange but kinda cool at the same time????)

Then, in the back of the bar, it looks like a cool, old timey theater with round tables covered with reddish table cloths. On each table was a candle and the chair were so comfortable. I loved the chairs.

The lobby also has at least two restaurants. We ate breakfast in one of them. This one was like the hunting and fishing restaurant and you have your own TV if you set in a booth.

The other restaurant was all you can eat. And, I can't tell you what this restaurant looked like, because it was all you can eat, buffet. I was worried about what the food looked like. The night we ate there, they had crab legs yyuuummmmm. They had from soul, to Mexican food. Then they had Chinese and more sea food, plus salads and Italian food. Then they had soooo many different desserts. I am sure, I hurt myself that night.

They have a bakery, (that was kinda high for my taste). I seen a little store with clothes and little stuff like stomach medicine.

This hotel has a gym (to lazy), plus a pool(to cold), and a spa(to broke), but I never got to see them.

The rooms are great. The beds are soft and the sheets are wonderful. They have a TV, web access, wet bar, ice box, hair dryer, coffee pot, ect. Everything a nice room should have.

I really liked the bathroom because it was so spacey. There was a place to just put on make up. What woman wouldn't love that. For that matter, what man wouldn't love that, since we are not blocking the sink.

This hotel also has a shuttle that will carry you to other casinos or other places, like the river walk.

The river walk is right across the river from Sam's. They have shop after shop, with clothes, jewelry, toys, sun glasses, you name it, all name brand stuff. There are restaurants and ice cream shops.

I seen a Hooters and we ate at a Saltgrass Steak House If you have the money to shop, this is the place.

I will say two thumbs up on this hotel, it was fun everytime we have went.

Update On Aug 20, 2008: ATT: This review is on The El Dorado in Shreveport LA, not Sam's Town!!!!!!

Sorry everyone, for messing up, but I just went to Sam's Town again for a few days. And while I was gone, I realized that my review was not for Sam's Town. It was for El Dorado the hotel right beside it.

I have stayed in both in the past, and I thought it was Sam's Town that I stayed in, on my last anniversary, but it wasn't. The El Dorado has all of the things I have stated up above. I wish I could just change the title, but I can't. So All I Can Say Is Sorry. Pics have both hotels.