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Samsung 1080 P Hd Led Lcd Tv

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Samsung Luxia LED LCD TV

It was love at first sight when we saw the Samsung 46" Luxia LED 6000 TV at the store. This television has the most beautiful, clear picture we have ever seen in a TV. The picture is so good, everything appears to be in 3D and you feel like you can reach in and touch it. It has a 120 HZ scan rate, double what used to be available in LCD TV's, which reduces motion blur in fast moving action scenes so the picture always stays clear. When watching Blu-Ray movies or playing video games on the Playstation 3, the picture is better than at some movie theaters. What we did not like about the TV though was it's price. So for months we watched and waited and visited it often. My husband tracked the price fluctuations and when it finally dropped to a price we liked, we purchased it.

This TV is incredibly thin and measures in at only 1.1" thick. It's also very light and weighs only about 40 pounds which is a big improvement over the plasma TV we replaced it with. It's an energy star rated appliance and uses 40% less electricity than other TV's this size. Samsung Luxia TV's use Samsung LED edge lighting technology which back lights the set for a beautiful clear picture and gives you the blackest blacks you will ever see on a TV. A cool feature this TV has is an Ethernet port which allows you to view information on the Internet such as weather, stocks and news without a computer.

The technical specs are:

* 1080p resolution

* 120 HZ refresh rate

* 4 HDMI inputs

* 1 component input

* 1 PC input

* 2 USB inputs

My husbands boss saw our TV and loved it too. He already had a full house of TV's though and was not in the market for a new one at the time. Last month he was moving and the movers broke his $6000.00 plasma TV. With the money he got to replace it, he could have purchased any TV out there on the market but after seeing ours, he bought a Samsung Luxia TV too.

Update On Nov 13, 2009: I just saw that this TV is advertised as a doorbuster in Best Buy's Black Friday ad for $1, 600.00. While $1, 600.00 is a good price, it is the same price we paid for ours by watching for sales as the price on this TV seems to fluctuate often. So for those who are not interested in camping outside of Best Buy and dealing with the crowds but are interested in this TV, you may want to wait and watch for weekly sales instead.