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Samsung 50 Slim Depth Dlp Tv

Reviewing: Samsung Hl50 A650  |  Rating:
Jennifer Regan By Jennifer Regan on
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When we purchased our first DLP TV in 2004, we had never heard of the technology. We were actually looking at plasma, but when we saw the picture quality on the Samsung DLP, we decided to get that instead.

Jump ahead a few years and we decided to upgrade our 46” to a 50”. We were so happy with the Samsung that we simply went back and bought another one, just slight bigger this time.

Despite being a rather large TV, this Samsung is very lightweight- not even 60 lbs! This makes the TV super easy for my hubby and I to move. It’s only about a foot deep, so it doesn’t have to stick out into a room, and will fit perfectly into a built-in entertainment system. The footprint of the TV is actually slightly smaller than the TV itself, which allows it to sit on a smaller stand, and still be stable.

The picture quality is amazing. And unlike other flat screen TVs, you can sit at an angle to the TV and still see the picture. This means that anyone, pretty much anywhere in the room, gets the same quality picture as someone sitting directly in front of the TV.

Our model has 3 HDMI inputs, 2 component video inputs, 2 composite inputs, 1 PC input, and 2 S-Video input. What’s all that mean? That we can hook up a DVD player, an Xbox 360, a cable box, and a computer (to play PC games using the TV as a monitor…fun!), and there will actually be inputs left over!

The sound quality is very good, with simulated surround sound. My only complaint about the sound is that the TV does not have a sound leveler. You know how many channels will play the commercials at twice the level of the movie? A sound leveler would help with this. I really wish this TV had one.

The TV does have a built-in V-Chip, which is great since my toddler is starting to be interested in TV. I’ve programmed the TV not to play certain rated programs without putting in a code. There’s no chance my toddler will accidently turn on The Sopranos, but my hubby and I can still watch it if we want! You can do this via the remote control, which is supposedly a universal remote, but doesn’t actually seem to work on anything but the TV.

Overall, this is a fantastic TV at a great price. Would I buy another? Definitely!