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Samsung A437 Att Pretty Good Phone

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My spouse and I have used these phones over the past year. Mine is metallic red and his is charcoal black. He is way more abusive of his phone and it still works great! We have been impressed with Samsung over other phone brands because of the durability, comfort of use, ability to actually hear the caller, and mostly acceptable signal reception. The affordability of this product is also within our budget (or was at the time). The screen is decently sized and full color. Total size and weight is good and comfortable to hold. It fits in my pocket or small purse easily, and most small phone holsters accept it well. The flip, or clamshell, design is my preference as the keys are protected and it's not necessary to lock the keys, as a bar style requires. We haven't used any other accessories with these phones, besides trying to connect the bluetooth to the desktop, which is impossible (see below).

Overall, we have few complaints, other than signal strength in rural areas (probably due to network coverage issues, not phone construction). For my spouse, his battery charger plug-in was difficult to access because of a little plastic piece that covers it, so he eventually just removed it anyway. Charging happens really quickly, but if used constantly, needs recharging often. When texting all day, he has to recharge his phone once he gets home or it will die the next day during use. So it probably lasts about a day with constant use. Using the camera drains the battery quickly.

What it is missing:

• no speakerphone.

• bluetooth connectivity with home computer or other phones is non-existent.

• no video recording.

• no Mp3 player.

• no address field in contacts (phone #, email, etc, but no mailing address option).

• no integrated photo editor.

• external screen unable to be activated when closed (what I mean is, when it's dark and I want to know the time, I don't want to open my phone, I just want to look at the external screen, but the LCD doesn't light up until a call comes in or you open and close the phone).


• Bluetooth wireless technology

• EDGE/GSM Quad Band

• Mobile email

• Integrated camera

• Size: 3.74" x 1.89" x .63

• External screen (gray)

• Camera resolutions: 640x480 / 320x240 / 160x128 / 128x96

• Addresses: 1000 contacts on phone, 250 additional contacts on SIM