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Samsung Alias 2 Provides Texting Assistance

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kmowery By kmowery on
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For the most part, I keep up with technology because its fun. I don't feel a compelling need to have the latest gadgets just because everyone else does. However, I felt like my kids and some of my friends left me in the dust when it came to texting. I found it way too slow to click through multiple options on each key and those word completion programs simply drove me crazy.

Recently I purchased the Samsung Alias 2 and took an instant leap forward to catch up with all my texting friends and family. The Alias has an amazing key pad and hinge that allows the phone to be opened two different ways. Open the phone length wise and it operates pretty much like any flip design cell phone. Open it horizonitally and "boom" you have yourself a QWERTY keyboard layout that is very similar to you computer keyboard and very easily operated with two thumbs.

Yeehaw! I can type full sentances minimal key punching and almost as fast as I can type on my laptop. There is no need to remember dozens of akward abbreviations and no need to wade through some annoying word completion program that has little or no idea about what I am actually trying to say. I love it.

As for the other features on this phone, I only use the mp3 player on occassion along with a 1 gig memory card. Of course, I do have the greatest classic rock songlist available, but thats just me. The display is nice and fairly easy to see in daylight. The phone has a slim and small footprint. These details and specs are generally what you would expect from any cell phone these days.

What makes this phone special is the unique ability to open two ways and a keypad that serves both as a regular phone key pad when opened one way and as a very easy to use QWERTY keypad when opened the other way.