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Samsung Blackjack 2

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By stu3cla on
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First, lets start with the basics. The Samsung Blackjack 2 is a Windows Mobile Based smartphone. It has a full Qwerty keyboard. A large non-touchscreen LCD display. A Micro SD card slot. A jog wheel for easier and faster navigation. A 2.0 megapixel camera with video capabilities. It is available in black, wine red, pink, blue, and i believe white also. Mine is wine red. Each color offers a different layout. For example. The wine red version has a leatherish texture on the back of the phone.

Now, for some more in depth details. It is running Windows Mobile 6, but is upgradeable to 6.1. It has most of the features of standard Windows. It has: Windows Media Player, Internet Explorer, Java, PDF reader, Microsoft Office, and many other features too. The Blackjack 2 has a full fledged built in GPS receiver, but unfortunately, it is locked to only work with Telenav or AT&T Navigator. So if you were hoping to use Google Maps or an alternative, then its out of the question.

The phone has a standard Qwerty keyboard for faster, easier typing. But Samsung has also added a few extra buttons for AT&T. These are: a shortcut to Media Net, Cellular Video, Silent mode, the camera, and Messaging. Making it much easier to do things.

It you were hoping for a touchscreen, then looks like your out of luck. It just has a standard 2.4 inch LCD display. Making it very easy to see items on the screen. The phone comes with about 100 Megabytes of storage space. But the phone has a Micro SD slot which supports up to a 4 GB memory card. (But I heard it can handle 8 GB no problem, but do your research first). The jog wheel is a nice touch, but I think it navigates a tad too slow. But thats for you to decide.

The 2.0 Megapixel camera is a very nice touch allowing quality pictures and even videos. Which can be either stored to the phone or memory card. 2X zoom is ok, but I was hoping for at least 4X zoom. It has 8 or so frames for pictures for that special touch. The phone is capable of sending pictures and video.

The phone offers PC connectivity, heres the reason I wrote this review. THERE IS A STRONG CHANCE IT WONT WORK! I have had this phone for about 6 months and still have not been able to get it to connect to my PC. Which is a problem if you want to do anything with the phone. But i use the memory card to put on music, pictures, etc. But maybe you'll get lucky and be able to connect.

The Lowdown. It is a great phone, sleek and stylish. Very capable with many, many features. But in my opinion, it's just not worth the hassle or time. But its all up to you. Thank You for Reading.